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    Young researchers and elite club was established in 1377 in line with executing Islamic republic policies and discourses of the supreme Leader about planning for attracting the Elites and avoiding the brain drain, as the first center of identification, attraction, and supporting elite and young researchers of the university in country. After opening, 269 clubs nationwide have provided identification and attracting 55400 students and graduates of different sections from different education centers and Governmental and Islamic Azad Universities (7500 students are from governmental universities) until Azar 1392, in addition they have published articles in valid journals inside the country and also they have recorded more than 3100 scientific ISC and ISI articles in valid international databases (scoupos, wos,…). (The per capita of articles for the members of talented students is 2.51 articles.) At the moment, club has 13836 active members and 842 people are members of Elite and Young researchers' club, which more than 300of them are talented figures and they have approved to continue studying with no entrance exam to higher levels by approval of the Council. This club has played an important role in the field of science in Islamic Azad University and has accelerated the scientific movement of our talented students by producing more than 13114 scientific-research works, 3004 recorded inventions, more than 1000published books of the club members, holding more than 5200 workshops, 3173 scientific presentations and seminars, 326 scientific-research competitions, setting up 1352 scientific-research visits, accomplishing 992 of the finished plans, 88 nationwide and worldwide conferences, setting up 41 national summits, publishing the scientific-research journal " Innovation and creativity in humanities", MOU signing with institutes like  Scientific and industrial research organization of Iran, National library of Islamic Republic of Iran, Center for Advanced Science and Technology (CAST), Police, Islamic Philosophy Institute (ongoing), and also providing facilities for the honorable researchers of our country.

    The first exhibition of innovations, inventions and scientific-research achievements of the elite and the young researchers' club members in Ordibehesht 1392 was held in permanent exhibition of the parliament which it was praised by Mr. Bahonar the Deputy chairman of the parliament, Dr. Omidvar Rezaei the Legal assistant of the parliament, other authorities and respectable representatives, In a way that Mr. Bahonar comments says the fact that investing on the elite and young researchers club is a win-win investing.

    Locating the name of the elite and young researchers club beside the name of the National Foundation of the Elites, by parliament approvals and allocating annual budget (Approval of 8, row 101052 and row 550000-99 approved in 1392 by the parliament) is one of other great awards for the club.

    Amongst other cultural extracurricular activities of the club, we can name setting up the first online Ziarat of The Prophet Muhammad and Imam Hassan on the departure day, Holding seminars by the presence of the Supreme Leader, head of Islamic Philosophy Institute Sadra, Holding appreciation ceremonies for the top members of the club and talented figures, setting up 715 camps, 910competitions, 285 exhibitions, 115 scientific seminars, 1030 Special cultural programs, 218 round tables, and 871 visits with the scholars and cultural figures.

    This club has settled its online Web-based Intelligent System with the club offices and the members and has been one of the most visited websites of the country.

    Major objectives:

    • Manifestation of creativities of the club members in scientific, research, education and the entrepreneurship fields.
    • Improving the quality of the members in different cultural, education and research fields
    • Develop a spirit of teamwork among members and settling them in teamwork activities
    • Guiding and strengthening the motivation and talents of the members in order to provide scientific-research needs of the country and turning ideas into products




    Some of the conditions of membership


    The club members are selected between the teenagers and young adults between the age of 15 to 40 which their talents are confirmed and in addition to having an educational background, they must have scientific, research, technical and artistic innovations, or they must have an official place on the valid festivals according to regulations of the membership.( Registering is possible by the website). Beside these conditions, on the very special terms, and with the confirmation of the board of the trustees, the club can have honorary members or associated members.



    Some of the conditions of membership in Talented Students

    • The winners of the top ranked universities
    • The winners of Olympiads and students in the country
    • Constituent of the knowledge based companies
    • Inventors and the discoverers which their inventions or their discovery has led to commercialization
    • Authors of the scientific featured books
    • The winners of the valid scientific-research festivals
    • Scientific paper holders which they have articles in ISI and ISC journals
    • The winners of the first place in interpreting the Holy Quran in international competitions
    • Holders of outstanding and invaluable cultural, artistic, and social issues



    A selection of facilities granted to members


    • Possibility to continue studying without entrance exam on the related course in Islamic Azad University
    • Paying the costs related to recording the international inventions and granting facilities to the inventions
    • Presenting them to the compete authorities in order to get the scholarship
    • Granting facilities to research plans of the members
    • Granting awards to scientific articles of the members
    • Granting facilities for attending in valid scientific seminars
    • Granting facilities to the entrepreneurs and guiding and supporting inventing members in order to make the inventions applicable
    • Holding camps and visit of the holy places, sports and extracurricular
    • Publishing and purchasing the books of the members and granting funds to buy the books
    • Supporting thesis of the students

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